Feeding Your Tortoise.
These Tortoises are herbivores. That means they eat a leafy diet. they require a high fibre and low protein diet. Little fruit. Dandelion leaves and flowers, garden weeds, and on occasions during the winter time when these are not so plentiful, (if you have decided not to hibernate your new pet) then a small amount of curly kale mixed with a nice Round leafy lettuce, will be appreciated. These reptiles eat far less during the winter time. It is also quite normal for them to sleep and bury themselves in the substrate (what the tortoises walks on in the indoor enclosure).

You do not have to hibernate a garden tortoise. In their natural environment, due to the weather conditions, they are forced to hibernate from late October through to April.

Calcium & D3 Supplement.
It is very important to ensure your tortoise receives a regular vitamin intake. We recommend that our customers, use a quality calcium and D3 dusting powder two or three times a week.