Aldabra tortoise (Aldabrachelys gigantea)



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Black shell color from birth to adult size. The skin is black, which fades to a gray color with time and age. These massive, round tortoises are second in size only to the Galapagos tortoises. Some think that the Aldabras actually hold the record (800 pounds), but that the Galaps average slightly larger. They can handle variable amounts of humidity in captivity once grown, but babies should be kept humid to ensure proper smooth growth.

Aldabra tortoises are sexually dimorphic, meaning that there are differences in appearance between males and females. The tails of the males are thicker and longer than the tails of the females. The males’ carapaces are broader and flatter relative to the females’ domed carapaces. Males also grow larger than females. The males weigh about 300 pounds, and the females weigh about 200 pounds. The maximum weight of the Aldabra tortoise is 600 pounds. turtle for sale here at the tortoise home. All breeds,sizes, and variations

Fun Facts

  1. The Aldabra tortoise is the largest animal on the atoll. The tortoises fill a niche very similar to the one occupied by elephants in Africa and Asia. As with elephants, they are the main consumers of vegetation and noticeably alter the habitat during their search for food. Tortoises have been known to knock over small trees and shrubs to obtain nutritious leaves. This makes pathways and clearings within the forestlands for other animals. Seeds pass through the tortoise’s digestive tract and eventually become food for many other species.
  2. The Aldabra tortoise is one of the longest-lived animals on earth, if not the longest. No one knows exactly how long these animals are capable of living, but they are believed to easily surpass 100 years. So far, the tortoises studied have outlived the scientists studying them, and proper records have not been maintained.

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