Russian Tortoise (Testudo horsfieldii)



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The Russian tortoise, also known as the Horsfield’s tortoise, is popular as a pet. It upper shell or carapace is rounded, and is almost as wide as it is long, and its color ranges from light brown all over, to yellowish-brown but with extensive markings of dark brown on each scute, with a lower shell or plastron of black with yellow seams. This species differs from all other Testudo tortoises in that it has four, not five toes on its forelimbs, which gives it a further common name, the ‘four-toed tortoise’. buy tortoises online. buy baby turtles. we have all amazing breeds and sizes of our beautiful reptile friends.
Adults Growing Up To 8 – 10 Inches In Total Shell Length
With Proper Care These Tortoises Can Live 40-50+ Years In Captivity
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                Habits and Lifestyle

The Russian tortoise has a particularly short period of activity, sometimes just three months per year. It comes out of hibernation in spring, usually in March, and actively forages and engages in mating until mid-June. buy baby turtles

Throughout much of its range, it will aestivate during the intense summer heat, coming out briefly at summer’s end to feed before hibernation. The burrow it digs may be as deep as two meters, where it retreats during the midday heat and at night, only emerging to forage at dawn or dusk when temperatures drop. The depth of its burrow also helps to insulate the tortoise from the cold of winter. These tortoises are quite social, and they will visit nearby burrows, and sometimes several will spend the night in one burrow.   

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