Radiated tortoise (Astrochelys radiata)


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Radiated tortoises are one of the most stunning tortoises on earth, jaw droppers to anyone that sees them. They are very round in shape and very high domed; we often refer to them as our “bowling balls. They enjoy humidity and warm conditions, and as adults, do well in hot, dry climates with or without humidity.

Radiated tortoises have a standard tortoise body shape, consisting of the high domed carapace. Radiated tortoises also have a blunt head and big, elephantine feet. The carapace or the shell of the radiated tortoise is incredibly marked with yellow lines. These yellow lines radiate from the black patch on top of the carapace. Radiated tortoises get their name because of this pattern.

When compared with females, male radiated tortoises are usually a little bigger. Males can grow up to 40 cm and the females can grow up to 25–30 cm. Males definitely have longer tails. The notches under their tails are also significantly more noticeable. buy tortoise online here at the tortoise home. turtle online sale


How big is a radiated tortoise?

Radiated tortoises, like most tortoises, are quite slow when it comes to movement. Adult tortoises can walk at 0.3 miles per second. But when threatened they do have the propensity to lunge. buy tortoise online

How much does a radiated tortoise weigh?

Adult radiated tortoises can weigh anywhere between 2.2-16 kg (4.9-35 lb). As compared to adults, the Juveniles or hatchlings are tiny. Most of this weight is carried on their shell or carapace.

Would they make a good pet?

Radiated tortoises make excellent pets. Radiated tortoises are spectacular to look at and are neither too small nor too large. They are also docile in nature. Combine all this and they appear as an ideal pet. It is also a bonus that they cannot run away at will. They also have a long life span. A typical pet tortoise will live for about 60 years. They are also not at all fussy about their food. Since most of their diet is anyway comprised of leafy greens, they are very easy to maintain as well. They do need a lot of sunlight and open spaces though.

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