Albino Sulcata Tortoise (Geochelone sulcata)



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Sulcata Tortoise Appearance

The African spurred tortoise is the largest tortoise on the African continent. It has a wide, oval shape that’s a bit flattened on the top and comes in shades of brown to yellow. The front and back of the shell are serrated, with the back edge turned up. The scutes, which are the keratin plates that cover the bone of the shell, have attractive annular rings. The bottom of the shell, or plastron is the color of old ivory.

The head of the tortoise is proportional, and it has a snub snout and an upper jaw with a small hook. It has thick, scaly skin that’s yellowish-brown or golden, and its feet are stubby for digging. Spurs on the back legs of the tortoise give it its other name of African spurred tortoise, but no one knows what the spurs are for. turtle store online here at the tortoise home. we have all amazing breeds of our beautiful reptiles.

A full-grown sulcata tortoise can weigh between 79.3 and 110.13 pounds, though a big male can weigh 200 pounds. The biggest African spurred tortoise weighed 232 pounds! Bigger tortoises are found in Sudan, which is a bit less dry than other areas. As is the case with many turtles and tortoises, males have longer and thicker tails than females and a concavity in the plastron that facilitates mating.

Sulcata Tortoise Behavior

Sulcata tortoises are crepuscular, which means they are out and about at dawn or dusk and will bask in the morning sun to regulate their body heat.

The large, stubby feet of the African spurred tortoise is ideal for digging, especially digging through sandy soil. So if’s too hot or too cold, the tortoise digs a burrow and shelters there until conditions improve. A sulcata tortoise burrow can be very spacious and can be as much as 49 feet deep and 98 feet long. The burrow not only protects the cold-blooded animal from excessive heat and cold but provides them with enough humidity to prevent dehydration. It is even better if the burrows are muddy, for the tortoise will flip some mud on its back to keep cool. If the temperature is too high and there’s no mud, they’ll smear their own saliva over their legs to cool down.

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