Leopard Tortoise (Stigmochelys pardalis)


Adults Can Get As Large As 10 – 12 Inches In Length As Adults
With Proper Care These Tortoises Can Live 50 – 100 Years
Staying In Hot Dry Scrubland Usually Seeking Escape From The Heat In The Under Brush And Shady Areas.
Slow Moving Pets Perfect For First Time Owners All The Way To Long Term Collectors


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  • The leopard tortoise is a member of the Small 5 (along with the rhino beetle. the red-billed buffalo weaver, elephant shrew and the antlion)
  • The leopard tortoise eats plant matter, but also old hyena scat (coprophagia). They also gnaw on bones (osteophagia). The high calcium content in both provide essential minerals. to keep the tortoise’s shell in good condition, and to aid eggshell production.
  • Captive leopard tortoises can live for 75 years


  • The base of the shell is called the “plastron”. and its shape differs between the sexes. A female has a flat plastron, while a male has a concave one. This is so that the male can mount the female during mating, his concave plastron fitting around the shell of the female
  • The individual panels of the shell are called “scutes”. These scutes grow in conjunction with growing seasons. and thus one can gauge the age of a leopard tortoise by counting the ridges, just like the rings on a tree. Due to wear and tear, however, the interior ridges are often worn away and thus estimating a specific age is impossible

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How long does it take for a leopard tortoise to fully grow?

You can expect that a juvenile leopard tortoise will get from 2 to 3 inches in a very short period of time. But as your tortoise gets older, it can take anywhere from 12 to 18 months for it to grow another inch.

How heavy do leopard tortoises Get?

The leopard tortoise is a large and attractively marked tortoise and is the fourth largest species of tortoise in the world. Typical adults can reach approximately 46 cm in length and can weigh up to 18kg.

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